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Published On  March 18,  2012






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Putting Finger on income inequality?


Despite the overwhelming popular perception that the number of poor people is on the rise, particularly in urban Ethiopia, and the gap between the few rich and the majority poor is widening, a new survey commissioned by the federal government claims the contrary. The proportion of poor people in Ethiopia (poverty head count index) is at 29.6pc as of 2010/11, down from the 38.7pc that it was when the last such survey was conducted five years ago, according to a household income, consumption, and expenditure survey, released by the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) on Friday, March 16, 2012, at the Addis Abeba Hilton, on Menelik II Avenue. Last week's survey is the fourth that the CSA has released since 1996, and poverty in Ethiopia is declining both in rural and urban Ethiopia, it says, the latter seeing a significant decline during the latest survey. Neither is the gap between the rich and the poor expanding, but, at less than 0.29, it has remained constant, when measured with the Gini Coefficient, an index employed to measure income inequality. Such an unexpected conclusion was presented in the absence of Sufian Ahmed, minister for the MoFED, which commissioned the survey, but in the presence of Ahmed Shide, state minister for the MoFED, whose attention (in the picture) was drawn by Azeb Mesfin, an MP and executive committee member of the ruling EPRDF. Azeb was pointing to a PowerPoint presentation made by Tassew Woldehanna (PhD), an associate professor of the School of Economics at Addis Abeba University (AAU). Tassew was commissioned by the Ministry and the Agency to undertake the analysis of the survey conducted on 27,830 households in all regional states. On the basis of his conclusion, the Ministry declared Ethiopia is in a position “to reduce poverty by half,?come 2015, although it acknowledged “poverty still remains high.?Invited by MoFED to attend the presentation, Azeb was observed attentive when Tassew presented his findings, particularly on income inequality.


As Fuel Soars, Ethiopian Tightens Belt


Only a few months since declaring profits and making across-the-board salary increases of 20pc, Ethiopian Airlines finds itself taking drastic cost cutting measures to save up to one billion Birr, which management hopes will relieve the national carrier from an imminent difficulty in operation, sources disclosed.


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Customs Auth. to Lower Capital Request for Importers of Tracking Devices

Officials at the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA) have made a turnaround on their earlier plan to compel IT companies to raise 20 million Br in capital if they are to be registered to supply devises for electronic cargo tracking.


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ERCA Displeased with MetEC over Shelter Constructions for Mega Scanners

Ethiopia’s nascent new military industrial complex, Metal & Engineering Corporation (MetEC), is under fire from authorities at the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA) for failing to finalize a project of building shelters for cargo scanning machines within deadline, sources disclosed to Fortune.


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Beza, Ultimate Consulting Firms Vie to Supervise CBE’s HQs Construction

Two domestic consulting firms, both in partnerships with foreign associates, are locked in a fierce competition to bag a lucrative contract in the project of constructing the tallest building the city will have soon.


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After Interruption, SATCON to Resume Construction on Bahir Dar Airport

Delayed by over a year from its original schedule, the completion of expansion works at “Ginbot Haya? International Airport in Bahir Dar, the seat of the Amhara Regional State, requires the contractor to get oiled with additional cash, Fortune learnt.


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Ethiopian Still Keen to Build Four-Star Hotel on Africa Avenue

The Ministry of Mines (MoM) cancelled the precious metal exploration licenses of one local and three foreign companies.


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Previously Missed Hearing on Awassa Hotel Adjourned for Investigation

Justices at the Federal Supreme Court adjourned the hearing of an appeal in the case between the Privatisation & Public Enterprises Supervising Agency (PPESA) and United Africa Group (UAG) by a little over a month, for further investigation.


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Former Regional Pres to See Regular Trial over Alleged Corruption

Judges at the Federal High Court ruled last week in the case of Yaregal Aysehshume, former president of Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, who was also an MP and director general of the Federal Cooperative Agency, and six other defendants charged for alleged corruption, for them to go through normal trial procedures.


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Loan Scheme, Standardised Methodology to Be Launched at Continental Carbon Forum

A loan scheme and standardised methodology guidelines to smooth the progress of future carbon markets will be launched in the upcoming African Carbon Forum at Addis Abeba.


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Pending Professorship Promotions Prompt Protest at AAU


While Addis Abeba University was once one of the most prestigious universities on the continent, it currently does not even make the top 10. Lacking numbers of high-ranking teachers comparable to other well-known universities in Africa, it is criticised by observers as being slow staff members to promote to various levels of professorship, writes MAHLET MESFIN, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.


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Defending Transparency-Is It All About Democracy?


The new development agenda crafted by the European Union Commission, dubbed as the Agenda for Change, has put in place democratic reform and human rights as the topmost conditionalities for receiving official development assistance from the European Union (EU), the largest donor in the world with an annual disbursement amounting to 72 billion dollars. As the new agenda faces a resistance from African governments, the European Union’s Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs, claims that there is nothing to be suspicious about as the objective is all about aid effectiveness and transparency.

Born in Latvia, a country located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Andris Piebalgs switched profession from teaching to politics in 1979. Before he joined the Communist Party of Soviet Union, he served as a teacher and headmaster of the secondary school of Valemire, in Latvia, for over 10 years. After he moved to the European Union in 2004, he first served as Commissioner for Energy. As of 2011, he is serving as the commissioner for development with a major duty of steering the new Agenda for Change.

In this interview with a partnership of African newspapers including Fortune, Les Echos (Mali), Le Republicain (Niger), Le Calame (Mauritania), Sud Quotidien (Senegal), The Zimbabwean (Zimbabwe), and (Italy), the Commissioner has spoken about the challenges of development assistance in Africa.

Below is an excerpt of the interview facilitated by Getachew T. Alemu, OP-ED EDITOR, and Joshua Massarenti of Afronline. 


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